- mtDNA tree Build 17 (18 Feb 2016): subtree L5
Citation: van Oven M, Kayser M. 2009. Updated comprehensive phylogenetic tree of global human mitochondrial DNA variation. Hum Mutat 30(2):E386-E394.
Nucleotide position numbers are consistent with both the rCRS and the RSRS reference sequences.
Mutations are given in forward evolutionary time direction in the format [ancestral base][position number][derived base], e.g. "G15043A".
In case of a transversion, the derived allele is shown in lowercase instead of uppercase, e.g. "C5178a".
Insertions are indicated by the position number preceding the insertion followed by a dot (.), the relative insert position, and the inserted base(s), e.g. "2156.1A".
Deletions are indicated by the letter "d" following the (range of) position number(s) involved, e.g. "A249d" or "8281-8289d".
Mutations that are reversions to an ancestral state (back mutations) are indicated with an exclamation mark (!), two exclamation marks for a double back mutation (!!), etc., e.g. "A15301G!".
Coding-region mutations (np 577-16023) are shown in black; control-region mutations (np 16024-576) in blue.
Mutations between brackets () are recurrent/unstable within the respective clade, or are yet uncertain based on current data.
Mutation motifs in italic are preliminary and are likely to be further refined as additional sequences become available.
The mutations 309.1C(C), 315.1C, AC indels at 515-522, A16182c, A16183c, 16193.1C(C) and C16519T/T16519C were not considered for phylogenetic reconstruction and are therefore excluded from the tree.
Accession numbers provided at the tips of branches are representative examples of mtDNA sequences available at GenBank or from individuals included in HapMap/1000Genomes.
It may be convenient to use the Find function (Ctrl+F) of your browser to search for a particular mutation or haplogroup.
                                                  Example accessions
 mt-MRCA (RSRS)                                              
L1'2'3'4'5'6  C146T  C182T  T4312C  T10664C  C10915T  A11914G  G13276A  G16230A                                   
  L2'3'4'5'6  C152T  A2758G  C2885T  G7146A  T8468C                                       
    L2'3'4'6  C195T  A247G  A825t  T8655C  A10688G  C10810T  G13105A  T13506C  G15301A  A16129G  T16187C  C16189T                         
      L3'4'6  G4104A  A7521G                                       
        L3'4  T182C!  T3594C  T7256C  T13650C  T16278C                                 
          L3  A769G  A1018G  C16311T                                 
            N  G8701A  C9540T  G10398A  C10873T  A15301G!                           
              R  T12705C  T16223C                               
                R0  G73A  A11719G                             
                  HV  T14766C                             
                    H  G2706A  T7028C                         
                      H2  G1438A                         
                        H2a  G4769A                       
                          H2a2  G750A                     
                            H2a2a  G8860A  G15326A                 
                              H2a2a1  G263A                  rCRS
    L5  459.1C  T3423C  A7972G  C12432T  A12950G  C16148T  A16166G                                 
      L5a  T152C!  455.1T  G709A  A851G  T1822C  C5111T  G5147A  A5656G  G6182A  T6297C  A7424G  G8155A  A8188G  C8582T  G9305A  G9329A  T11025C  C11881T  G12236A  A13722G  T14212C  C14239T  T14581C  G14905A  T14971C  G15217A  G15884A  C16355T  T16362C   
        L5a1  455.2T  G930A  C4496T  C8754T                                   
          L5a1a  T5004C  T9899C                                    EF556173 DQ341060
          L5a1b  C14668T  T14819C                                    EU092943 EU092888
          L5a1c  G513A  C4137T                                    HM771198 NA19317
        L5a2  C527T  G8856A                                      EU092699 JX303751
      L5b  T182C!  G13105A  A16254G  C16311T                                   
        L5b1  A249d  C535T  C2417g  T3027C  A3720G  A4976G  C5213T  A9809c  T10493C  T11701C  T12188C  A12546t  T12714C  A12810G  T13569C  T13830C  C16111T  C16360T              NA19373
          L5b1a  C182T!!  G8152A  A11065G  T12215C                                DQ341061 KC911364
          L5b1b  T14581C                                      EU092774 NA19404
        L5b2  C195T  459.1Cd!  T1717C  G1719A  T2080C  C2484T  A3564G  G3918A  G4092A  G4655A  C4676T  T4967C  A6527G  A7765G  G7789A  G7972G!  T9018C  T9653C  T10101C  C11266T  T11287C  T11809C  A12507G  G12940A  G12950A!  A13050G  C13383T  T13602C  A15236G  C15418T  C16189T  T16368C  C16527T  NA19332 NA19455