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New in Build 17 (18 Feb 2016)

Details will follow.


New in Build 16 (19 Feb 2014)

Defining mutations updated: A2a, A2af1, A2ag, B2d, B2k, B4c2, B4d3a1, B4e, B4f, B4i, B6, C1b7a, C1b9, C4a3, C4a3a, C4a3b, D4c2a, D4g2b1, D4h3a7, D4l, D4l2, F1e2, F3a1, G1a3, G2a1d, G2a1d2, G2a1e, G2c, G4, H11a2, H46b, H6, H6a1a2a, H88, H89, H90, I2a1, J1c2e1, J1c5c1, K1a5, K1a6, K2c, L0a3, L0b, L0f, L0f1, L0f2a1, L0k, L0k2, L1b1a10, L1b1a5, L1c1b, L1c1d, L1c2b1, L1c2b1a, L2a1b1, L2a1e1, L2a1g, L2a2b1, L2a4, L2a5, L3a, L3a1, L3e1a2, L3h1a1, L4b1, L4b2b, L5a1c, M13, M17c, M17c, M1a1a, M1a1b, M24, M30d, M33a3, M33d, M34a, M46, M52, M52a, M52a1, M58, M5c2, M60b, M61, M74b1, M74b2, M9b, N1a1a1a2, N1a3, N1b1b, N3, N8, P10, P9, R0a1a2, R30, R30a, R6, T1a10, T2a1a3, T2a1a8, T2a2, T2b2b, U1c, U2b1, U2e1c, U5a2b3, U5b1b2, U5b1e, U5b1e1, U5b1f, U6a1a1, U6a3b, U6a6b, U6a7b, U8a1a1b, U8b1b1, W4, W4a, W6, Y1, Z4, Z4a.

Newly added: A12a, A15c1, A18, A19, A20, A21, A22, A2a1, A2a3, A2a4, A2a5, A2ac1, A2ah, A2ai, A2aj, A2ak, A2al, A2am, A2an, A2ao, A2ao1, A2ap, A2aq, A2k1a, A2p2, A2q1, A2r1, A2u2, A2w1, A3a, A5a1a2a, A5a3a, A5a4, A5a5, A5c1, A6a, A6b, B2a1b, B2a4, B2a4a, B2a4a1, B2a5, B2b1, B2b2, B2b2a, B2b3, B2b3a, B2b4, B2c1c, B2g2, B2i2, B2i2a, B2i2a1a, B2i2a1b, B2i2b, B2i2b1, B2l, B2m, B2n, B2o, B2o1, B2o1a, B2p, B2q, B2r, B2s, B2t, B2u, B2v, B2w, B2x, B2y, B2y1, B4a1a3a, B4a1a3a1, B4a1a5a, B4a1a6, B4a1a6a, B4a1c1a1, B4a1c3b, B4a1e, B4a2b1, B4a2b1a, B4b1a1b, B4b1a1c, B4c1b2a2a, B4c1b2a2b, B4d4, B4h1, B4k, B5a1b1, B5a2a2, B5b1c1, B5b1c1a, B5b4, B6a1, B6a1a, C1b13, C1b13a, C1b13a1, C1b13b, C1b13c, C1b13c1, C1b13d, C1b13e, C1b14, C1c8, C1d1d, C1d3, C1f, C4a3b1, C4a4b1, C7a2a, D1d1, D1d2, D1f2, D1f3, D1h1, D1h2, D1i1, D1i2, D1k, D1m, D1n, D4a1f1, D4a1h, D4a2b, D4a5, D4b2a2a1, D4b2a2a2, D4b2b1c, D4b2b1d, D4b2b7, D4c1b2, D4e1a3, D4e2d, D4g2a1b, D4g2a1c, D4g2b1a, D4h1c, D4h1c1, D4h1d, D4h3a8, D4h3a9, D4j12, D4j13, D4j14, D4j15, D4j16, D4j1a1a, D4j1a1b, D4l2a, D4l2b, D4o2a1, D4p1, D5a2a1a1a, D5a2b, D5b1c1a, D5c1a, D6c1, D6c1a, E1a1a3, F1a1c2, F1a1c3, F1a2a, F1a3a2, F1a3a3, F1a4b, F1b1a1a3, F1b1b, F1b1c, F1c1a1, F1c1a1a, F1c1a1b, F1d1, F1e3, F2e1, F2f, F2g, F3b1a, F3b1b, F4a1b, G2a1d1a, G2a1d2a, G2a1f, G2a1f1, G2a1g, G2a1h, G2a2a, G2b1a1, G2b1a2, G3a1a, G3a3, G3b2, H11a6, H11a7, H13a1a1d1, H13a1b, H13a1c, H13a1d, H13b2, H18b, H1a8, H1a9, H1ae2a, H1ah2, H1aj1a, H1ax1, H1ba1, H1c1a1, H1cc, H1cd, H1e1a5, H1e1a6, H1e1b1a, H1e1c, H1e2c, H1e2d, H1r1, H20c, H26a1a1, H2a2a1e, H2a2a1f, H2a2a1g, H2a2b5a, H33c, H3ag1, H3b4a, H3h6, H5a8, H5e1b, H66a1, H7c4, H7c5, H7d5, H91, H92, H93, H94, H95, H95a, H96, HV12a1, HV12b1, HV12b1a, HV9b, HV9c, I1a1a1, I1a1a2, I1a1e, I1c1, I1c1a, I1d, I1e, I2a1a, I2a2, I3c, I3d, I3d1, I4a1, I4a2, I4b, I5a1a, I5a1b, I5a1c, I5a2a, I5a4, I5b, I5b1, I5c, I5c1, I7, J1c1h, J1c2b5, J1c2c3, J1c2n1, J1c2t, J1c6a, K1a28, K1a29, K1a2a2, K1a30, K1a30a, K1a4a1h, K1a4a1i, K1a4g, K1a4h, K1a5a, K1b1a1c1, K1b1a1d, K1b1b1, K1b2a3, K1d1, K2a11, L0a1e, L0a2a2a1, L0d3a, L0d3b, L0d3b1, L0d3b2, L0k1a1, L0k1a1a, L0k1a1b, L0k1a1c, L0k1a1d, L0k1a2, L0k1a3, L0k1b, L0k2a, L0k2a1, L0k2a1a, L0k2b, L1b1a15a, L1b1a18, L1b1a4a, L1b1a7a, L1c1b1, L1c1d1, L1c2a3a, L1c2b1a1, L1c2b1c, L2a1a2a1a, L2a1a2c, L2a1a3c, L2a1b1a, L2a1b2, L2a1b3, L2a1c1a1, L2a1c1a2, L2a1c3a, L2a1c3a1, L2a1c3b, L2a1c3b1, L2a1c3b2, L2a1f1a, L2a1f2, L2a1f3, L2a1l1a1, L2a1l1a2, L2a1l1b, L2a1m1a, L2a1p, L2a1q, L2a2b1a, L2a2b2, L2a4a, L2a4b, L2b3c, L2c2b1, L2c2b1a, L2c2b1b, L2c2b2, L2e1a, L3a1a, L3a1b, L3a2, L3a2a, L3b1a10, L3b1a11, L3b1a5a, L3b1a7a, L3b1a8, L3b1a9, L3b1a9a, L3b2b, L3d1a1a1, L3d1a1b, L3d1a2, L3d1b1b, L3d2b, L3d4a, L3d5a, L3d6, L3e1a3b, L3e1b1, L3e1b2, L3e1e2, L3e1f1, L3e1f1a, L3e1f2, L3e2a1b3, L3e2a2, L3e2a3, L3e2b4, L3e2b5, L3e2b6, L3e2b7, L3e2b8, L3e5a1, L3e5a1a, L3e5b, L3e5c, L3e5d, L3e5e, L3e5f, L3f1b4b, L3f1b4c, L3f1b5, L3f1b6 (reserved), L3f2a1a, L3f3b, L3x1a, L3x1a1, L3x1a2, L4b1a, L4b2a2c, L4b2b1, M11b1, M11b1a, M11b2, M12a1a1, M12a1a2, M12b1, M12b1a, M12b1a1, M12b1a2, M12b1a2a, M12b1a2b, M12b1b, M12b2, M12b2a, M13c, M17c1, M17c1a, M17c1a1, M17c1a1a, M18c, M1a1a1, M1a1b1, M1a1b1a, M1a1b1b, M1a1b1b1, M1a1b1c, M1a1b2, M1a1e1, M1a1e2, M1a1f, M1a1g, M1a1h, M1a1i, M1a3b1, M1a4a, M1a6, M1a7, M1a8, M1b1b, M1b2b, M1b2c, M24a, M24b, M2b3, M2b3a, M2b4, M30d2, M30g, M33a3a, M33b2, M34a1, M34a1a, M34a2, M35b4, M39c, M3a1a, M3d, M3d1, M3d1a, M3d1a1, M41a1, M46a, M50a, M50a1, M50a2, M51a1b, M51a2, M51b, M51b1, M51b1a, M51b1b, M52a1a, M52a1b, M52a1b1, M52b1, M52b1a, M54, M55, M59, M5b2b1, M5b2b1a, M60a1, M60a2, M61a, M62b1, M62b1a, M62b1a1, M62b2, M65a1, M65a2, M66a, M66b, M68, M68a, M68a1, M68a1a, M68a2, M68a2a, M69, M69a, M6a1a, M6a1b, M71a1a, M71a2, M72a, M73a1, M81, M8a2c, M8a2d, M8a3a1, M91, M91a, M91b, M9a1a1c1b1, M9a1a1c1b1a, M9a1a1c1b1a1, M9a1a1c1b1a2, M9a1a1c1b2, M9a1a1c1c, N1a3a1, N1a3a2, N1a3a3, N1b1a6, N1b1a7, N1b1b1, N3a, N3a1, N3b, N7, N7a, N7a1, N7a2, N7b, N9a10b, N9b2a, N9b4, P1e (reserved), P9a, R24a, R30a1, R30a1a, R30a1b, R30a1b1, R30b2, R30b2a, R32 (reserved), R6b, R8a1a1a1, R8a1a1a2, T2a1a3a, T2b32, T2b33, T2e1a1, T2e1a1a, T2e1a1a1, T2e1b, T2e1b1, T2f6, T2f7, T3, U2b1a, U2c1a, U2c1b, U2e1b2, U2e1c1, U2e1f1, U2e1g, U2e1h, U3a1a1, U3a1c1, U3a3, U3b2a1, U3b2b, U4a3a, U4b1a2b, U4b1b2, U4d1a1a, U5a1a1g, U5a1a1h, U5a1a2a1a, U5a1b1a2, U5a1b1b1, U5a1c1a, U5a1f2, U5a1g1, U5a1i, U5a1j, U5a2b1c, U5a2b1d, U5a2b2a1, U5a2b3a, U5a2b3a1, U5a2b5, U5a2d1a, U5b1b1a1a1, U5b1b2a, U5b1c1a1, U5b1f1, U5b1f1a, U5b2a1a1d, U5b2b3b, U5b3b1, U6a1b1a, U6a1b1b, U6a1b3, U6a3a1a, U6a3a2, U6a3a2a, U6a3b1, U6a3c, U6a3d, U6a3d1, U6a3d1a, U6a3e, U6a3f, U6a3f1, U6a3f2, U6a5a1, U6a5b, U6a6a, U6a6a1, U6a6b1, U6a6b2, U6a7b1, U6a7c1, U6a8, U6a8a, U6a8b, U6b3, U6b3a, U6c2, U6d2, U6d3, U6d3a, U8a1a1b1, U8a1a4, U8a1b, U8b1a2, U8c, V10b1, V22, V23, W1e1, W1e1a, W1h1, W1i, W3a1a2, W3a1a3, W3a1d, W4a1, W4b, W4c, W4d, W5a2b, W6b1, W6c1, W6c1a, W6d, W8, W9, X2b8, X2d1a, X2e1a, X2e1a1, X2e1b, X2p, X2p1, Y2a1a, Z1a1b, Z1a2a, Z1a3, Z3c, Z4a1, Z4a1a, Z4a1a1.

Multiple rearrangements/additions within: A2v, B4a1a1, B5b3, H4a1c, K2b, L0d1a, L0d1b, L0d1c, L0d2, L5b, M10a, M21, M43, M49, M7, R1, R6a, R9c, U1a, U2a, U6a2, U6a7a, U6b1.

Relabeled: A4a->A1, A4b->A12, A4c->A13, A4d->A14, A4e->A15, A4f->A16, A4g->A17, K1a20->K1a19a, K1a21->K1a5b, L3d1'2'3'4'5->L3d1'2'3'4'5'6, R3->R1b.

Removed: M25.

Acknowledgments: Bernard Secher, Gail Tonnesen, Ian Logan, Martha Hicks, Ted Kandell, William R. Hurst, the EMPOP team.


New in Build 15 (30 Sep 2012)

Defining mutations updated: A2ad, A2c, A2s, A2t, A2y, A4e, A5b, A5b1, A6, B2i, B4c1, B4c1a, B4d3, B4h, B4i, B5b, B5b1, B5b3, C4a1a, C4a1b, C5b1a1, C5d2, D4b2b, D4b2b2a, D4g2b1, D6, F1a4, F1a4a, F1g, F3b, F3b1, F4a2, G2a, G2a, G2a1d, G2a1e, G3a2, HV4a1a, J1b4, J1c, J1c10, J1c11, J1c2c, J2a1a1c, L0d1b, L0d1b1, L0d2b, L0k, L0k1, L0k2, L1b1a8, L1b1a9, L1c2a1a, L1c2b, L2a1d, L3d2, L3d5, L5a2, M11a, M11a'b, M20, M21c, M28, M28b, M30c1a, M30c1a1, M7b8, M7c, M8a2a, N9a6a, R21, R9b1a, R9b1a2, T1a3, T2, T2a1b2, T2b21, T2b23, T2b23a, T2d, T2f1, T2f1a, T2g1, U2a, U2e3, U5b2c1, U6a1b2, U6a2a, U6a3b, U6a7b, U8a1a3, X2e2, X3a.

Newly added: A2ad1, A2ad2, A2af, A2af1, A2af1a, A2af1a1, A2af1a2, A2af1b, A2af1b1, A2af1b1a, A2af1b1b, A2af1b2, A2af2, A4e2, A4e3, A4g, A5b1a, A5b1b, A8a, A8a1, B2i1, B4b1a2e, B4b1a3a, B4c1a1, B4c1a1b, B4c1a1c, B4c1a2, B4c1a2a, B4c2b, B4d1a, B4d3a, B4d3a1, B4g1, B4g1a, B4g1b, B4i1, B4j, B5b1a2a, B5b3a, C4a1a1, C4a1b1, C4a1e, C4a4b, D4a1g, D4b2b2a1, D4h3a6, D4j1a2, D4n2, D4o2a, D4t, D5a3a1, D5a3a1a, D5b1c, D6a1a, D6a2, F1a4a1, F1g1, F2b1, F2c1, F2c2, F2e, G2a2, G2a3, G2a4, G2a'c, G2b2c, G2c, G3a2a, H100, H11a2a3, H16d, H1bz, H1j9, H3b5, H5a1q, H5b4, H5e1a1, H5u, H6c1, HV4a1a1, HV4a1a2, HV4a1a3, HV4a1a4, HV4a2b, I5a2, I5a3, I6b, J1b1a1d, J1b1a2, J1b1a2a, J1b1a2b, J1b1b1a, J1b1b1b, J1b1b2, J1b2a, J1b3b, J1b4a, J1b4a1, J1b4a2, J1b5, J1b5a, J1b5b, J1b6, J1b6a, J1b7, J1b8, J1c10a, J1c11a, J1c15, J1c15a, J1c15a1, J1c15b, J1c16, J1c17, J1c1d, J1c1e, J1c1f, J1c1g, J1c2b3, J1c2b4, J1c2c1a, J1c2e1, J1c2e2, J1c2h, J1c2i, J1c2j, J1c2k, J1c2l, J1c2m, J1c2m1, J1c2n, J1c2o, J1c2p, J1c2q, J1c2r, J1c2s, J1c3c2, J1c3h, J1c3i, J1c3j, J1c3k, J1c5e, J1c5f, J1c8a1a, J1c8a2, J1c8b, J1d1a1, J1d1a1a, J1d1b, J1d1b1, J1d2a, J1d3, J1d3a, J1d3b, J1d4, J1d5, J1d6, J1d6a, J2a1a1a3, J2a1a1d, J2a1a1e, J2a1a2a, J2a2a1, J2a2a2, J2a2b1, J2a2b2, J2a2c, J2a2c1, J2a2d, J2b1a2a, J2b1a5, J2b1a6, J2b1c, J2b1c1, J2b1d, J2b1e, J2b1e1, J2b1f, J2b1g, J2b1h, J2b2, K1a11a1, K1a1b1b1, K1a1b1f, K1a1b1g, K1a27, K1a4a1g, L0a2a1b, L0d1b2, L0k1a, L1b1a10, L1b1a10a, L1b1a10b, L1b1a12, L1b1a12a, L1b1a12b, L1b1a13, L1b1a14, L1b1a16, L1b1a17, L1b2a, L1c2a3, L1c2b1b1, L1c5, L2a1c6, L2a1d1, L2a1d2, L2a1g, L2a1l3, L2a1o, L2b1a4, L2b2a, L2b3b, L2c2a1, L3b1a7, L3d1b1a, L3d1b3a, L3d2a, L3d3a1, L3d3a1a, L3d3a1b, L3d3b, L3e1a3a, L3e1d1a, L3e1e1, L3e2b1a2, L3e3b3, L3e4a, L3e4a1, L3e5a, L3f1b1a, L3f1b1a1, L3h1a2a1, M10a1a2, M10a1a2a, M11d, M35b3, M74b2, M8a2a1, M9a4b, N21a, N22a, N9a6b, Q2a1, Q2a2, R11b1, R11b1a, R11b1b, R2a, R2b, R2c, R9b1a2a, S1a, T1a10, T1a11, T1a12, T1a13, T1a1b1, T1a1d, T1a1e, T1a1f, T1a1g, T1a1h, T1a1l, T1a2b, T1a3a, T1a7, T1a8, T1a8a, T1a8b, T1a9, T1b1, T1b2, T1b3, T1b4, T2a1a8, T2a1b1a1b, T2a1b2a, T2a1b2b, T2a2, T2b21a, T2b21b, T2b26, T2b27, T2b28, T2b29, T2b30, T2b31, T2b3a1, T2b4a1, T2b4c, T2b4d, T2b4e, T2b4g, T2b4h, T2b7a3, T2c1a2, T2c1c, T2c1c1, T2c1c2, T2c1d1, T2c1d1a, T2c1d2, T2c1d2a, T2c1f, T2d1, T2d1a, T2d1b, T2d2, T2e2a, T2e6, T2f1a1, T2i, T2i1, T2j1, T2k, T2l, U1a1b, U2a1, U2e3a, U4a2g, U4a2h, U4c2a, U5a1a1e, U5a2a1e, U5b1b1a2, U5b1d1b, U5b1d1c, U5b1d2, U5b1i, U5b2c2a, U5b2c2b, U5b3g, U6a1b2, U6a2a1, U6a3b1, U6a7c, U6b2, U6c1, U6d1b, W1h, X2e2a1, X2e2b, X2l, X2m'n, X2n, X2o, Y1b1, Y1b1a.

Multiple rearrangements/additions within: B5b2a'b, N1, T2c.

Relabeled: B4b'd'e->B4b'd'e'j, B4c1a1->B4c1a1a1, B4c1a1a->B4c1a1a1a, B4c1a2->B4c1a1a2, B5b1a->B5b1a1, B5b1a'b->B5b1a, B5b1b->B5b1a2, J1b1a1a<->J1b1a1b, L1b1a8->L1b1a15.

Removed: G2a1e1, K1a22.

Acknowledgments: William R. Hurst, Ted Kandell, Nancy Grossman, Miroslava Derenko, Antonio Salas, the EMPOP team.


New in Build 14 (5 Apr 2012)

Defining mutations updated: B2g, C1b11, C1c1, C1c3, D1g, D1j, F1f, HV11, HV1c, HV2, HV2a, HV7, I1a1a, I3, I4, I6, J1c7, J1c7a, J2a1, J2a1a, J2a1a1, J2a1a1a, J2a1a1b, K1a4d, K1a7, K1d, K2a3a, K2b, K2b1, K2b1a, L1b1a6, L1c1, L1c1'2'4'6, L1c1a, L1c1b'd, L1c1c, L1c4b, L3b1a1, L3e1f, L4b2b, M30b, M3a1, M52a, N2a, R3, T1a1b, T2a1a1, T2a1b1, T2b21, T2c, T2c1, T2f, U1a2, U2a, U2e, U2e1, U2e1'2'3, U2e1a1a, U2e2, U2e2a, U3b2, U4a1a, U4b1a1a, U4b1b, U4b2a, U4b2a1, U5a1b1a, U5a1b1d, U5a1b1e, U5a1c2, U5a2b2, U5a2c3, U5a2d, U5a2e, U5b1b1e, U5b1c1, U5b1d, U5b2a1a1, U5b2a2a, U6a1a, U8a1, U8a1a, U8a1a1, V1, V10, V1a, V1a1, V7, V7a, V9a, W1e, X2e2, X4.

Newly added: A2aa, A2ab, A2ac, A2ad, A2ae, A2y, A2z, B2a1a1, B2g1, B2j, B2k, C1b12, C1b5b, C1c1b, C1c6, C1c7, D1g1, D1g1a, D1g1b, D1g2, D1g2a, D1g3, D1g4, D1g5, D1g6, D1j1, D1j1a, D1j1a1, D1j1a2, D4a1f, E1a1a2, H10a1a, H10a1a1, H10a1b, H10b, H10b1, H10c, H10c1, H10d, H10e, H10e1, H10e1a, H10e2, H10e3, H10e3a, H10f, H10g, H10h, H11a2a, H11a2a1, H11a2a2, H11a3, H11a4, H11a5, H11b, H11b, H11b1, H13a1a1b, H13a1a1c, H13a1a1d, H13a1a1e, H13a1a2a, H13a1a2b, H13a1a3, H13a1a4, H13a1a5, H13a1a6, H13a2b2, H13a2b3, H13a2c, H13a2c1, H13b1, H13b1a, H13b1b, H13c, H13c1, H14a2, H14b, H14b1, H14b2, H15a1a, H15a1b, H15b1, H16a1, H16c, H17a1, H17a2, H17b, H17c, H1a1a, H1a1a, H1a1a1, H1a1b, H1a3a, H1a3a1, H1a3a2, H1a3a3, H1a3b, H1a3c, H1a4, H1a5, H1a6, H1a7, H1aa, H1ab, H1ab1, H1ac, H1ad, H1ae, H1ae1, H1ae2, H1ae3, H1ae3a, H1af, H1af1, H1af1a, H1af2, H1ag, H1ag1, H1ag1a, H1ag1b, H1ah, H1ah1, H1ai, H1ai1, H1aj, H1aj1, H1ak, H1ak1, H1ak2, H1am, H1am1, H1an, H1an1, H1an1a, H1an2, H1ao, H1ao1, H1ap, H1ap1, H1aq, H1aq1, H1ar, H1ar1, H1as, H1as1, H1as1a, H1as2, H1at, H1at1, H1at1a, H1au, H1au1, H1au1a, H1au1b, H1av, H1av1, H1av1a, H1aw, H1ax, H1ay, H1az, H1b1, H1b1a, H1b1b, H1b1c, H1b1d, H1b1e, H1b1f, H1b1g, H1b1h, H1b2, H1b2a, H1b2a1, H1b3, H1b4, H1ba, H1bb, H1bc, H1bd, H1be, H1bf, H1bf1, H1bg, H1bh, H1bi, H1bj, H1bk, H1bm, H1bn, H1bo, H1bp, H1bq, H1br, H1bs, H1bt, H1bt1, H1bu, H1bv, H1bv1, H1bw, H1bx, H1by, H1c10, H1c11, H1c12, H1c13, H1c14, H1c15, H1c16, H1c17, H1c18, H1c19, H1c1a, H1c1b, H1c20, H1c21, H1c22, H1c2a, H1c3a, H1c3b, H1c4, H1c4a, H1c4b, H1c4b1, H1c5, H1c5a, H1c6, H1c7, H1c8, H1c9, H1c9a, H1e1a1, H1e1a2, H1e1a3, H1e1a4, H1e1b, H1e1b1, H1e2a, H1e2b, H1e3, H1e4, H1e4a, H1e5, H1e6, H1f1, H1f1a, H1g1, H1g2, H1h1, H1h2, H1i1, H1i2, H1i2a, H1j1a, H1j1a1, H1j1a2, H1j1b, H1j1c, H1j2, H1j2a, H1j3, H1j4, H1j5, H1j6, H1j7, H1j8, H1k1, H1k1a, H1m1, H1n1, H1n1a, H1n1b, H1n2, H1n3, H1n4, H1n5, H1n6, H1q1, H1q2, H1t1a, H1t1a1, H1u1, H1y, H1z, H1z1, H20b, H24a, H24a1, H24a2, H24b, H26a, H26a1, H26a1a, H26b, H26c, H27a, H27b, H27c, H27d, H28a, H28a1, H2a1a1, H2a1a2, H2a1b, H2a1c, H2a1d, H2a1e, H2a1e1, H2a1e1a, H2a1e1a1, H2a1e1b, H2a1f, H2a1g, H2a2a1, H2a2a1a, H2a2a1b, H2a2a1c, H2a2a1d, H2a2a2, H2a2b1a, H2a2b1a1, H2a2b2, H2a2b3, H2a2b4, H2a2b5, H2a3a, H2a3a1, H2a3b, H2a5a1a, H2a5a1b, H2a5b1, H2a5b2, H2c, H2c1, H30a, H30b, H30b1, H31a, H31b, H33a, H33b, H35a, H39a, H39a1, H39b, H3a1, H3a1a, H3aa, H3ab, H3ac, H3ad, H3ae, H3af, H3ag, H3ah, H3ai, H3aj, H3ak, H3am, H3an, H3ao, H3ao1, H3ap, H3aq, H3ar, H3as, H3at, H3at1, H3au, H3av, H3b1, H3b1a, H3b1b, H3b1b1, H3b1b1a, H3b2, H3b3, H3b4, H3c1, H3c2, H3c2a, H3c2a1, H3c2b, H3c2b1, H3c2c, H3c3, H3g1, H3g1a, H3g1b, H3g2, H3g3, H3g4, H3h1, H3h2, H3h3, H3h3a, H3h4, H3h5, H3i, H3i1, H3j, H3k, H3k1, H3k1a, H3m, H3n, H3p, H3q, H3q1, H3r, H3r1, H3s, H3t, H3u, H3u1, H3v, H3v1, H3v2, H3w, H3x, H3x1, H3y, H3z, H3z1, H40, H40a, H40b, H41, H41a, H42, H42a, H42a1, H43, H44, H44a, H44a1, H44b, H45, H45a, H45b, H46, H46a, H47, H47a, H48, H49, H49a, H49a1, H49a2, H49b, H4a1a1a1, H4a1a1a1a, H4a1a1a1a1, H4a1a1a2, H4a1a1a3, H4a1a1a4, H4a1a2, H4a1a2a, H4a1a2a1, H4a1a3, H4a1a3a, H4a1a4, H4a1a4a, H4a1a4b, H4a1a4b1, H4a1a4b2, H4a1a5, H4a1c, H4a1c1, H4a1d, H4b1, H4c, H4c1, H50, H51, H51a, H52, H53, H54, H55, H55a, H56, H56a, H56a1, H56b, H57, H58, H58a, H59, H59a, H5a1a, H5a1b, H5a1c, H5a1c1, H5a1c1a, H5a1c2, H5a1d, H5a1e, H5a1f, H5a1g, H5a1g1, H5a1g1a, H5a1g2, H5a1h, H5a1j, H5a1k, H5a1m, H5a1n, H5a1p, H5a3, H5a3a, H5a3a1, H5a3a2, H5a3b, H5a4, H5a4a, H5a4a1, H5a4a1a, H5a5, H5a6, H5a6a, H5a7, H5b1, H5b2, H5b3, H5c, H5c1, H5c1a, H5c2, H5d, H5e, H5e1, H5e1a, H5f, H5g, H5h, H5j, H5k, H5m, H5n, H5p, H5q, H5r, H5r1, H5r2, H5s, H5t, H60, H60a, H61, H62, H63, H63a, H64, H65, H65a, H66, H66a, H67, H67a, H69, H6a1a2, H6a1a2a, H6a1a2b, H6a1a2b1, H6a1a3, H6a1a3a, H6a1a4, H6a1a5, H6a1a6, H6a1a7, H6a1a8, H6a1a8a, H6a1b2a, H6a1b2b, H6a1b2c, H6a1b2d, H6a1b3, H6a1b3a, H6a1b3b, H6a1b4, H6a2, H6a2a, H6b1, H6c, H70, H71, H72, H73, H73a, H73a1, H74, H75, H76, H77, H78, H79, H79a, H7a1a, H7a1b, H7a1c, H7a2, H7b2, H7b2a, H7b3, H7b4, H7b5, H7b6, H7c2, H7c3, H7d, H7d1, H7d2, H7d2a, H7d3, H7d3a, H7d4, H7e, H7f, H7g, H7h, H7i, H80, H81, H81a, H82, H83, H84, H85, H86, H87, H8a, H8b, H8c, H8c1, H8c2, HV0a1a, HV0d, HV0e, HV0f, HV11a, HV15, HV16, HV17, HV1b3, HV9a1, I1a1b, I1a1c, I1a1d, I1c, I2c, I2d, I2e, I3a, I3a1, I3b, I4a, I6a, J1b1a1c, J1b1a3, J1c10, J1c12, J1c13, J1c14, J1c1b2, J1c1b2a, J1c1c, J1c2a2, J1c2a3, J1c2b1, J1c2b2, J1c2d, J1c2e, J1c2f, J1c2g, J1c3a2, J1c3b1a, J1c3b2, J1c3c1, J1c3e, J1c3e1, J1c3e2, J1c3f, J1c3g, J1c4c, J1c5a1, J1c5b, J1c5c, J1c8a, J2a1a1a1, J2a1a1a2, J2a1a1c, J2a1a2, J2a2b, J2b1a1a, J2b1a4, K1a10a, K1a11a, K1a11b, K1a12a1, K1a12a1a, K1a15, K1a16, K1a17, K1a17a, K1a18, K1a19, K1a1a2, K1a1a2a, K1a1a2a1, K1a1b1d, K1a1b1e, K1a1b2a1a, K1a1b2b, K1a1c, K1a20, K1a21, K1a22, K1a23, K1a24, K1a24a, K1a25, K1a26, K1a2a1, K1a2c, K1a3a2, K1a3a3, K1a3a4, K1a4a1a1, K1a4a1a2, K1a4a1a2a, K1a4a1a2b, K1a4a1a3, K1a4a1b2, K1a4a1c, K1a4a1d, K1a4a1e, K1a4a1f, K1a4a1f1, K1a4c1, K1a4e, K1a4f, K1a4f1, K1a8b, K1b1a1a, K1b1a1b, K1b1a1c, K1b2a1a, K1b2a1a1, K1b2a2, K1b2a2a, K1c1c, K1c1d, K1c1e, K1c1f, K1c2a, K1e, K1e1, K2a10, K2a3a1, K2a5a, K2a5a1, K2a7, K2a8, K2a9, K2b1a1, K2b2, L1b1a3b, L1b1a8, L1c1a'b'd, L1c2b1a, L1c2b1b, L2a1l2a, L2a1l2a1, L2b3a, L3b1a1a, L3b3, L3d1b2, L3e3b2, L3k1, M18b, M52a1, M7a1a8, N1b1b1, N1b1b2, N1b1e, N3, R0a2a1, R0a2m, R0a4, R1a1b, T1a1a, T1a1a1, T1a1c, T1a1i, T1a1j, T1a1k, T1a4, T1a5, T1a6, T2a1a5, T2a1a6, T2a1a7, T2a1b1a1, T2a1b1a1a, T2a1b2, T2b11, T2b13, T2b13a, T2b13b, T2b15, T2b16, T2b17, T2b17a, T2b19, T2b19b, T2b22, T2b23, T2b23a, T2b24, T2b24a, T2b25, T2b2b, T2b2b1, T2b3c, T2b3d, T2b3e, T2b4b, T2b4f, T2b5a, T2b5a1, T2b6b, T2b7a, T2b7a1, T2b7a2, T2b9, T2c2, T2c3, T2e1a, T2e5, T2f1a, T2f2, T2f3, T2f4, T2f5, T2g2, T2g2a, T2j, U1b1, U2d1, U2d2, U2d3, U2e1a1b, U2e1b, U2e1b1, U2e1c, U2e1d, U2e1e, U2e1f, U2e2a1, U2e2a2, U2e2a3, U2e2a4, U2e3, U3a1b, U3a1c, U3b2a, U4a1a1, U4a2d, U4a2e, U4a2f, U4b1a1a1, U4b1a2a, U4b1b1, U4b1b1a, U4d1a1, U5a1a1b, U5a1a1c, U5a1a1d, U5a1a2a1, U5a1a2b, U5a1a2b1, U5a1b1a1, U5a1b1c2, U5a1b1f, U5a1b4, U5a1c2a, U5a1d2a1, U5a1d2b, U5a1f1, U5a1f1a, U5a1f1a1, U5a1h, U5a2b1b, U5a2b3, U5a2b4, U5a2c2, U5a2c3a, U5a2c4, U5a2d1, U5b1b1f, U5b1c1a, U5b1c2a, U5b1c2b, U5b1d1a, U5b1e1, U5b1e1a, U5b1h, U5b2a1a1a, U5b2a1a1b, U5b2a2a1, U5b2a2a2, U5b2a2c, U5b2a4, U5b2a4a, U5b2a5, U5b2a6, U5b2b1a, U5b2b1a1, U5b2b1a2, U5b2b1b, U5b2b3, U5b2b3a, U5b2b3a1, U5b2b3a1a, U5b2b4, U6a1a1, U6a1a2, U7a5, U8a1a1a, U8a1a1b, U8a1a2, U8a1a3, U8b1a1, U8b1b, U8b1b1, V10a, V10b, V11, V12, V13, V14, V15, V15a, V16, V17, V18, V19, V1a1a, V1a1b, V1b, V20, V21, V2c, V3a, V3a1, V3b, V3c, V7a1, V7b, V9a2, W1c1, W1g, W3a1a1, W3a1c, W3a2, W3b1, W5b, W6a, W6b, W6c, W7, X2b5, X2b6, X2b7, X2c1b, X2c1c, X2d1, X2d2, X2e2a, X2i, X2k, X2m, X2m1, X2m2.

Removed: H19

All base changes are now explicitly shown, both for transitions and transversions.

Build 14 corresponds to the phylogeny described in

Acknowledgments: William R. Hurst, Antonio Salas, Minkung Li, the EMPOP team.


New in Build 13 (28 Dec 2011)

Defining mutations updated: A2c, A2f, A2f1, A2h, A2i, A2p, A2r, A4c, A4d, A5b, B2g, B4g, B5a2, B5a2a, B5b2c, B6, C1b5, C1c1, C1c3, C4a1, C4a3, C7b, D1d, D2b1, D4b1b, D4e1, D4g2, D4g2a1a, D5a3a, D5c1, F1a2, F1a3, F1a4, F1e1, F1e2, F4a, F4a1, F4b, G1a2, G1b, G2a1e, G2b1b, G3b1, H13a2b, H13a2b1, H1c3, H2a5, H2a5a, HV1d, J1b, J1b1b1, J1b3, J1d, J2a1a1a, K1a1, K1a11, K1a1a, K1a1b1a, K1a1b1c, K1a1b2a, K1a3a1b, K1a4c, K1a7, K1a8, K1b1a, K1b1a1, K1b2b, K1c1a, K2a2a, L0a1b, L0a3, L0a'b, L0b, L1b, L1b1, L1b1a4, L1b1a6, L1c3b, L1c3b1, L1c3b2, L1c6, L2a1a2a1, L2a1a3, L2a1c2, L2b1b, L2b2, L2d, L2d, L2d1, L2d1a, L3b2, L3d1a1, L3d1c, L3d1d, L3e2a1b1, L3e2b3, L3e3a, L3f1b1, L3f2, L3h1a1, L3h1a2a, L3h1b1a, L3h2, L3i1, L3i1a, L3i2, L3k, L3x1, L3x2, L3x2a, L3x2a1, L3x2b, L4b, L4b1, L4b2a1, L4b2a2, L4b2b, M10a1, M10a1a, M19, M2, M24, M31b, M31b'c, M33a2a, M39, M6b, M7b, M7b1, M7b1'2'4, M7b2, M80, N2a, N9a2a, R0a2d, R0a2k, R7, R9c1, T1a2, T2a1a3, T2a1b1, T2b3a, T2c1b, T2f, T2g1, U2d, U3a, U3b2, U4b1b, U5a2d, U5a2e, U7, V9a, Z4, Z4a.

Newly added: A2f2, A2f3, A2h1, A2l, A2m, A2o, A2s, A2t, A2u, A2u1, A2w, A2x, A4e, A4e1, A4f, A5a3, A5b1, B2a3, B2c1a, B2c1b, B2c2, B2c2a, B2c2b, B4a1c1a, B4a2b, B4a4, B4b1a3, B4b1c1, B4i, B5a1c1, B5a2a1, B6a, C1b10, C1b11, C1b5a, C1b7, C1b7a, C1b8, C1b8a, C1b9, C1b9a, C1c1a, C1c4, C1c5, C4a1c1a, C4a1c2, C4a3b, C4c1, C4c1a, C4c1b, C4c2, C4d, C7a2, D1g, D1h, D1i, D1j, D4a1a1a, D4a3b1, D4a3b2, D4b1d, D4b2b2a, D4b2b2b, D4b2b2c, D4b2b6, D4e1c, D4e5a, D4e5b, D4g2b1, D4j3a1, D5b1d, D5c2, E1a2a, F1a3a, F1a3a1, F1a4a, F1b1a2, F1c1, F1c1a, F1e1a, F1f, F1g, F2b, F2c, F2d, F3a1, F4a1a, F4a2, G2a1c2, G2a1d1, G2a1d2, G2a1e1, G2b2b, H2a5a1, H2a5a2, H2a5b, HV14, HV4a1a, HV4a2a, HV4c, I6, J1b3a, J1b4, J1c2a, J1c2a1, J1c2c2a, J1c3d, J1c5d, J1c9, J1d1a, K1a13a, K1a14, K1a1b2a1, K1a2b, K1b1a2, K2a2a1, K2a3a, K3, L0a1a1, L0a1a3, L1b1a9, L1b2, L1b3, L1c3a1b, L2a1a3a, L2a1a3b, L2a1c1a, L2a1c2a, L2a1c4a, L2a1i1, L2a1m, L2a1m1, L2a1n, L2c1, L2c1a, L2c2b, L2c3a, L2c4, L2c5, L2e1, L3a1, L3b1a5, L3b1a6, L3b2a, L3d1b3, L3d1c1, L3e1d1, L3e1g, L3e2b1a1, L3f1a1, L3f2a, L3f2a1, L3x1b, M10a1a1, M11c, M2a'b, M2c, M31b1, M31b2, M52b, M6a1, M6a2, M7a1a9, M7b5, M7b6, M7b7, M7b8, M7c1d, M7c2b, M7c2b1, M7c2b2, M8a3a, N9a10a, N9a2a3, N9a4a, N9a4b, N9a7, N9a8, N9a9, O1a, R0a2k1, R7a'b, R9b1a3, R9c1a, T1a2a, T2a1b1a, T2b21, T2b3b, T2b4a, T2b6a, T2h, U1a1a, U3a1a, U3b3, U3c, U5a1g, U5a2c3, U5b1f, U6a3a1, U6d1a, U7a, U7a1, U7a2, U7a3, U7a4, U7b, U7b1, U8a1a1, U8a2, U8b1a, V9a1, W3a1b, W3b, W5a2.

Multiple rearrangements/additions within: B4c1b2, J1b1a, U5a2a.

Relabeled: A2r -> A2v, B5a1c <-> B5a1d, F1a'c -> F1a'c'f, L3j -> L3f2a1, N9a2a'b -> N9a2a, N9a2a -> N9a2a1, N9a2b -> N9a2a2.

Acknowledgments: Beverly A. Zenker, William R. Hurst, Ted Kandell, Gail Tonnesen, Lanka Ranaweera, Mark Wade, the EMPOP team.


New in Build 12 (20 Jul 2011)

Defining mutations updated: C4e, Z1a2, M12, M12a, M12b, M46, M50, D4a3a, I1, N9a6, N9a6a, A2f, A2f1, R0a, HV1, HV1b1, T2a1a1, R9c, B4a1a1a4, B4g, U5b1c2.

Newly added: L2a5, L2b'c'd, C1d1a, C1d1a1, M3c2, M12a1, M12a1a, M12a1b, M12a2, M18a, M26, M51a1a, M71c, D4h1b, W5a1a, W5a1a1, W5a1a1a, N8, R0a'b, R0b, HV1a'b'c, HV1a1b, HV1a2a, HV1a3, HV1b1a, HV1b1b, HV1d, HV4b, HV12a, HV12b, HV13, H3h, H1j1, T2a1a3, R9c1, F1a1c1, B5a1c, B5a1d, U5b1g, U5b2c2.

Multiple rearrangements/additions within: M7a2.

Relabeled: L2a1'2 -> L2a1-4, P8 <-> P9, K1ö -> K1f.

Acknowledgments: Norman Angerhofer, the EMPOP team.


New in Build 11 (7 Feb 2011)

Defining mutations updated: L0a2b1, L1b, L1b1a, L4a, L1c1d, L1c1b, L1c1a2b, L1c2b1, L1c2b, L1c2b1, L1c4, L2a2, L2a2b, L2a2b1, L3d2, L3e1d, M7b’d, M7c3a, M7e, M9b, M9a1a2, M9a1a1c, M9a1a1c1a, M9a1a1c1b, M9a1a1b, M33b1, M33c, M61, M62, M62b, M71, M72, M74, M74a, C4a1, C5a2, G2a1d, G3a, I2a, I5, I5a, N5, X, X2d, X2e2, R0a1a3, HV1b2, R2, R9b1a1, R9b1a1a, R9c, R24, F1a3, F1a4, B4a1a3, B4d1, B5b1c, J1c2c, J1c3b1, J1c3c, J1c7, J1c7a, T2a1b, T2g, U1b, U4a1a, U4b1a3, U4b1a3a.

Newly added: M6a, M6b, C1e, U6a5a, H1v, H1v1, H1v1a, H1v1b, H1w, H1x, M22a, M22b, M5a2a1a, M7f, M7b’d’g, M7g, M71a, M71a1, M71b, M20, M75, M76, M76a, M70, N10, N10a, N10b, N11, N11a, N11a1, N11b, M79, M74b, M74b1, Y2a1, B4c1b2b, B4b1a2b, B4b1a2c, B4b1a2d, B4a1a3, I2a1, M37a1, J1c11, J1c2c2, HV11, K1a1b1c, L1b1, L1c1a2c, L1c1a2a2, L1c2b2, L1c4a, L1c4b, U4c2, V10, U3b1b, U5b2c1, HV12, J1d2, L2a1c5, L2a2’3’4, L2a2’3, L2a3, L2a4, L2b1b, L3e1f, L3e2a1b2, U6b1a, U6a3a, U6a3b, U6a1b1, T2a1b1, T2g1, M7c3c1, N9a10, B4a1a4, F1a1d, M30f, M41c, N5a, M8a3, C4a1’5, C4a5, A11b, A4c1, F1e2, C4b8, D4b2d, D2c, D4e4b, D4h4a, D4j2a, D4j7a, D4j6, D5a1a2, C4e, C5c1a, M9a5, M9a1b2, M9a1a1d, B4h, B4a1d, B4a1a5, B4a1a1a4, X4.

Multiple rearrangements/additions within: L4b, N1a1, R1a.

Relabeled: M4a -> M4, M4b -> M65, M4c -> M66, M4d -> M67, M4”64 -> M4”67, M7c’e -> M7c’e’f, M7b’c’d’e -> M7b-g, M1’51 -> M1’20’51, D4c2a <-> D4c2c, D4e1b -> D2, D2 -> D2a’b, D4e4 <-> D4e5, D4j5 <-> D4j10, D4j6 -> D4j4, D4j8 -> D4j7, D4j9 -> D4j8, D4j7 -> D4j9, D4j4 -> D4j11, D4r -> D4p, C5b -> C5c, C5c -> C5d, C5d -> C5b, X1a -> X1, X1b -> X3.

Removed: L1c2b1a, G2a1d1, X2e2a, X2e2a1.

Acknowledgments: Bernard Secher, Ted Kandell, Ron Scott, Ian Logan, Alexander Röck, Martin Bodner.


New in Build 10 (10 Aug 2010)

Defining mutations updated: L2a, M45, M7d, C1a, C4, Z1a1, M13a, M13a1a, M13a2, M31b, M62a, D4b2b4, D4e4, D4j1a, D4l2, N1c, Y1, Y1a, X1a, X1a1, R0a2a, R0a2b, R0a2d, HV1a1a, T2f, T2f1, R11a, U6c, K1b2.

Newly added: L2a1’2, M45a, C4a-c, Z1a1a, Z1a2, M9a1b1c, M13a1b, M42’74, M74, M74a, D2b1a, D4e5a1, D4j1a1, D4j6a, D4s, N9a1a, A2r, X1a2, X2j, R0a1a1, R0a1a1a, R0a1a2, R0a1a3, R0a1a4, R0a1b, R0a2’3, R0a2f, R0a2f1, R0a2f1a, R0a2f1b, R0a2g, R0a2h, R0a2i, R0a2j, R0a2k, R0a2l, R0a3, HV4a1, HV4a2, H1t1, H1t2, R3, R9b1a2, F1a1’4, F1a4, R11b, B4a3, U5a1b1c1, U5a2a2a, U5a2c1, U4a1d, U4b1a4, U4b2a1, U4b3.

Multiple rearrangements/additions within: M11a, U6a7.

Relabeled: M54 -> M3c1 (and its subclades accordingly).

Removed: M62b1, M62b1a, M62b2, R11a1.

Acknowledgments: Peter Hrechdakian, Ron Scott.


New in Build 9 (20 Jun 2010)

Defining mutations updated: M51, C1a, C1b2, C1d1, C4a4a, C5b1, C5c, C5c1, C7, C7a1, C7b, M17, M17a, M17c, M21c'd, M21c, M21d, M22, M50, M71, M72, D4b1a2a1, D4b2b, D4b2b2, D4c2, D2, D2b1, D4g2a, D4g2b, D4j3, D4l, D4l1, D4m2, D4o2, N1a'e'I, N1b1d, N1c, Y1b, N21, A, A2a, A10, X2, X2a1, X2b, X2d, X2e2, X2f, X2h, V1a1, T2b4, T2f, T2f1, R22, R23, U4'9, U4, U4b1a1, U9a, U9b, U8b, K.

Newly added: L3h1b2, M51a, M51a1, M7b4, C1d1b, C1d1b1, C1d1c, C1d1c1, C1d2, C1d2a, C4b5, C4b6, C4b7, C5c2, C5d, C5d1, C5d1a, C5d1a1, C5d1b, M23'77, M77, M73b, D4b1a2a2, D4b2b4, D4c2b, D4c2c, D4c2a, D4e1b, D2b2, D4e4, D4e5, D4e5a, D4j4, D4j5, D4j6, D4j7, D4j8, D4j9, D4j10, D4h2, D4h4, D4l1a, D4r, D5a3, D5a3a, A11a, X2b'd, HV0a1, T2b7, T2b8, R8a1a1d, B4a1a1a3, B2f, B2g, B2h, B2i, B4c1b2a, U1a4, U4d1a, U4d1b, U4d3, U9b1, U8b1, K1a4a1b1, K1d.

Multiple rearrangements/additions within: C4a1, D5a2, I, W, U5, U2e.

Relabeled: M7b1'2 -> M7b1'2'4, D4b2c -> D4b2b5, A4c1 -> A4d, U8b'K -> U8b.

Removed: C1b2a, M47'50, D4b1a2a1a, D4j1a1, D4j1a2.

825T as definer of L2'3'4'6 was changed to 825A to conform with rCRS-oriented mutation directionality.


New in Build 8 (21 Mar 2010)

B7 was relabeled B6 in order to conform with historical nomenclature.

C1d: redefined and C1d1 was added.

M9: several rearrangements, new M9 subbranches were added and M9 nomenclature was revised.

M13a: several rearrangements, M13a1a and M13a2 were added.

M62: several rearrangements, M62a and M62b were added.

HV2: intermediate branch introduced.

R7b: several rearrangements, R7b1a1 and R7b2 were added.

Defining mutations updated: L1c1c, L5c, C4c, G3a1, M47, T2f1, U2c1, K1b1b, K1b1c.

Added: A11, C1c3, W5a1, X2b4a, HV10, J1c2c1, J1c4b, T2a1a2, U4a1b1, U4b2a, U5a2a1, U9a1, K1a3a1b, K1a13, K1b2a1.

Acknowledgements: Ron Scott, Min-Sheng Peng, Neil Howell, Corinna Herrnstadt Howell, Ted Kandell, Alexander Röck, Liane Fendt, Bettina Zimmermann, Martin Bodner, Ian Logan.


New in Build 7 (10 Nov 2009)

The following haplogroups were updated: L0, L1, L4, L3, M2, M3, M4, M5, C4, C7, Z, M9, M11, M12, G, M13, M18, M30, M31, M32, M33, M34, M35, M36, M37, M38, M39, M40, M41, M43, M44, M45, M49, M52, M53, M54, M56, M57, M58, M60, M61, M62, M63, M64, D4, D5, R12.

The labels of J1c1 and J1c2 (including their subhaplogroups) were interchanged in order to conform with the published record.

We are grateful to Lixin Zhou, Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Ron Scott and Gyaneshwer Chaubey for constructive feedback.


New in Build 6 (28 Sep 2009)

The following haplogroups were updated: L2, M1’51, M2, M8 (incl. C and Z), E, M10, M11, M12’G, M13’46, M17, M21, M23, M31, M32, M42, M46, M52, M54, M71, M72, M73, D5, D6, Y2, N22, O (was N12), R5, R6, R7, R8, R9c, F3b, B5, B7, R24, R30, R31, P, U7.

Mutations that are identical-by-state to the rCRS are now indicated with an exclamation mark (!).

We thank the following people: Alexander Röck, Martin Bodner, Liane Fendt, Bettina Zimmermann, Gabriela Huber, Walther Parson, Doron Behar, Eileen Krause, Gyaneshwer Chaubey, Monika Karmin, Min-Sheng Peng, Kelsey Dancause, Vicente Cabrera.


New in Build 5 (8 Jul 2009)

Haplogroups D and R9 (incl. F) were updated by analyzing all available complete sequences for these haplogroups.

New data from Pala et al. (2009) and Fornarino et al. (2009) were incorporated.

In addition, some changes were made to haplogroups X, M6, W, M13, M21, B7.

We thank Hans-Jürgen Bandelt for constructive feedback.


New in Build 4 (10 May 2009)

Haplogroup J was updated and haplogroup nomenclature was established in collaboration with Jim Logan.

Haplogroup R0 (incl. H and V) was updated and haplogroup nomenclature was made compatible with that of Álvarez-Iglesias et al. (2009).

Haplogroup B was updated by analyzing all available complete sequences for this haplogroup.

Several errors were fixed. We are grateful to Alexander Röck, Martin Bodner and Liane Fendt for noticing them.


New in Build 3 (1 Mar 2009)

The following haplogroups were updated by analyzing all available complete sequences for those haplogroups: A, H, HV, J, K, M7, M21, M46, N1 (incl. I), N2 (incl. W), N9 (incl. Y), P, Q, T, U, V, X.

All instances of the highly recurrent mutations 523-524d, 16193.1C and 16519 were removed from the tree.

We thank the following persons for providing constructive feedback: Marika E. Buchberger, Marie Lott, Nikolay Eltsov, Alexander Röck.


New in Build 2 (14 Oct 2008)

Haplogroups Q2 and Q3 were updated considering Hudjashov et al. (2007).

Haplogroups M3, M4a, M9, the M6’16’17 cluster, M18, M25, M33a, M34a, M37a, and M41 were updated considering Rajkumar et al. (2005) and Thangaraj et al. (2006).

HV5 (defined by 8994) was relabeled HV9 and a new basal HV branch defined by 12133 and 13105 was added and labeled HV5 (as proposed by Ted Kandell as per GenBank DQ377992).

Haplogroup J was expanded by analyzing complete sequences and considering Logan (2008).

Haplogroup T was expanded by analyzing complete sequences.